Sustainability & Environmental Impact

Central to Jonathan Rose Companies’ mission as a sustainable, green real estate firm, is its dedication to greening the built environment.

Buildings are responsible for approximately one third of GHG emissions, while the transportation sector is responsible for another third. Data indicates that the energy consumed by commuting via automobile can be as much as two times the energy of a building itself. Our investment and development strategies have been formed out of a desire to improve upon the status quo. By creating transit oriented-projects that are energy-, water-, and waste-efficient as well as more healthful for tenants and residents, we can mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and the effects of climate change.

It is our intent to design, build, and operate communities that emit fewer emissions, reduce overall natural resource consumption, and promote healthful living. Once developed or acquired, we manage assets relying on measured performance as a basis for continuous improvement.

Over the past 25 years, we have demonstrated this philosophy and achieved success by placing an emphasis on creating positive relationships between the natural environment, health and well-being of residents, and community prosperity.

For more information on our goals and performance, see our latest Sustainability Report.